Travel Dispenser Split Bottle Shampoo Lotion Shower Gel Soap Bottle –

Travel Dispenser Split Bottles Shampoo Lotion Shower Gel Soap

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 4 in 1 Empty Sub-bottle Press Container Refillable Bottles 


The emulsion is four, which allows you to travel more comfortably. Four different kinds of emulsion are integrated into one, easy to accept, and easy to carry, and you no longer need a bunch of bottles for bottling.

No need to check, take the plane directly. The complete set of bottled emulsion products and aviation safety standards can be carried directly at any time.

Rotary switching emulsion, press the liquid is more convenient, do not need to use it alone, just need to switch easily, not easy to the leak-tight outlet.

The outer bottle is hollowed out, the inner bottle is transparent, and the visible window is clear at a glance.

The transparent label is easy to identify. All kinds of labels will be given away for purchase, without fear of liquid confusion.

Product information:

Outer shell material: ABS + PP

Inner bottle material: Food pole pet

Accessory material: high-quality PP

Inner bottle capacity: 30mlx4pcs

Single-injection volume: ≤ 0.25cc

Applicable temperature: - 20 ℃ - 50 ℃

Cleaning method: direct water washing

Product size: 16.3x5.8cm

What you get:1pc Four-in-one bottling