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USB Mug Warmer Pad Powered Cups

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The mug warmer for coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa or your candle wax. You can warm or keep your coffee up to 104?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«-131?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«-149?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«(40?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¢-55?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¢-65?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¢). Just need to soft touch the button. It does not support to boil liquids.With the high-tech polyimide film material make the coffee warmer heat-resistant and fire-resistant.

The cup warmer plate is suitable for metal, ceramic, enamel, tile, high temperature plastic and etc. Use a mug with thin-wall, flat-bottom will get the best warming performance.No worries about forgetting turn it off. There is no any noise when the coffee mug warmer is working.

Key Features:

  • The mug warmerfor coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa.
  • Keep your coffee up to 104?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«-131?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«-149?ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚¤ƒ†¢€™ƒƒ¢€ ¢‚¬¢„¢¢‚¬‚ ƒƒ‚¢¢€š‚¬¢€ž‚¢‚«.
  • Just need to soft touch the button.
  • It does not support to boil liquids.
  • The cup warmerplate is suitable for metal, ceramic, etc.


Material: non-woven fabrics
Power: 76-100W
Heat Preservation Duration: 15 Hours & Up
Name : Mug Warmer Pad
Power (W): Below 750W
Voltage (V): US110V & EU220V
Gift : wedding gift

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